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Foundation Certificate in Information Governance (US)
  1. Who has designed this course?

  2. Act Now's experts have designed this course to ensure that it covers all the essential topics in information governance as well as the latest developments.

  3. I am based in Scotland. Is this course suitable?

  4. We are developing a Scottish version. Please Contact us if you are interested in this option.

  5. Who should do this course?

  6. The course is designed for anyone who needs a basic grounding in information governance including data protection, freedom of information, information security and records management. Everyone will benefit whether they work in the public or private sector.

  7. What subjects does the course cover?

  8. This is a fully online and interactive course. There are 3 learning modules covering:

    1. GDPR;
    2. Freedom of Information; and
    3. Records Management

    For a full breakdown of the modules and course structure click here.

  9. Do I need additional software for the webinars? What if I have technical problems with the live webinars?

  10. This page gives you all the information you need about our live webinars including system requirements, a connection wizard, common issues etc.

  11. Where is the venue?

  12. There isn't one. This is a fully online course.

  13. Is this an alternative to the GDPR Practitioner Certificate?

  14. No. This course will give you a good foundation to build on if you decide to do one of the more advanced certificates. If you have no knowledge of DP and FOI then it may be better to do this course before going on to do the more advanced courses.

  15. How long do I have to complete the course?

  16. You have 12 months from the date of booking to do all the modules and complete the assessment.

  17. How much is the course?

  18. £749 plus VAT. There is a 10% discount for IRMS members.

  19. How do I pay?

  20. We will invoice you. Our terms are 30 days. You can pay by BACS, Cheque, Paypal, Card or Phone

  21. What happens if I miss part of a course?

  22. You will have a choice of dates to participate in the 3 live webinars. You have to state your choice at the time of booking. You can change your choice of date on one occasion 7 days prior to a webinar. After that time a fee of £69 plus vat will be payable.

    If you simply do not attend then there will be an additional charge of £69 plus vat to attend on another date.

  23. Can I watch a recording of a live webinar?

  24. We think the value of this course is in attending live webinars where you can ask questions of the speaker and interact with other delegates. There are a range of dates to choose. If you have a problem attending live webinars we can send you a link to view the recordings.

  25. What if I want to watch a different webinar to the ones advertised?

  26. To achieve the certificate you have to participate in the prescribed webinars. Of course you can always book on other webinars in our catalogue but these will not be part of the certificated course.

  27. What does the assessment involve and what is the pass mark?

  28. The assessment consists of an online multiple-choice test with 30 questions. The pass mark is 60%.

  29. What happens if I fail?

  30. You can watch the modules and do the assessment again.

  31. Is the exam difficult and will I pass?

  32. No and we hope so. The pass mark is 60% but anyone who pays attention during the live webinars should pass.

  33. Can I ask the trainers questions?

  34. Yes during the live webinars. You can also e-mail questions to our office and we will get back to you ASAP.

  35. How many delegates do you take per course?

  36. There is no minimum numbers for us to run this course.

    However for the individuals live webinars in each module we need a minimum of 3 delegates. Too few and we may have to cancel and move you to the next webinar.

  37. Are course tutors experienced?

  38. Yes. All our tutors have worked in the sector for many years and have been delivering training for Act Now Training for many years. They hold the certificates in which they train.

  39. What happens after I pass this course?

  40. You will receive a certificate and you can decide to do one of our more advanced certificate courses such as the GDPR Practitioner Certificate, FOI Practitioner Certificate Certificate, or even our FOISA Practitioner Certificate.

  41. How can I convince my organisation to pay for this course?

  42. This is a:

    • A cost effective course - £749 plus vat for over 6 hours of learning
    • Fully online course so no travel time or expenses
    • Course designed by well known information governance experts (Act Now Training has over 17 years of experience in this field)

  43. I want to ask a specific question not on in the FAQs.

  44. Contact us to send your query, and we will get back to you.

Have a question that isn't answered in our FAQ's? Please contact us.