DP Law

Full Day Workshop

An overview for anyone who needs in depth knowledge of UAE DP Laws

UAE DP LAW Full Day Workshop

The arrival of the new UAE Federal Data Protection law alongside the ADGM and DIFC DP Laws heralds a new era in UAE privacy regulation. If your business processes personal data the new laws apply to you.

The new UAE Data Protection laws require a fundamental assessment of the way your business handles personal data from collection through to storage, disclosure and destruction. With enhanced rights for individuals and substantial fines for non-compliance you cannot afford to ignore the new requirements.

This workshop will give you a good working knowledge of the new laws and the practical skills required to advise your business on implementing policies and procedures to ensure compliance. It is suitable for data protection officers, lawyers, auditors and compliance professionals.

Background & Enforcement

  • History
  • Similarities with other laws
  • Territorial Scope
  • The Data Protection
  • Commissioner

Key Obligations

  • Lawfulness of Processing
  • Special Categories Data
  • Privacy Notices
  • Information Security
  • International Transfers

New Rights

  • Changes to Subject Acces
  • Data Restriction
  • Accuracy & Rectification
  • Right to Erasure
  • Data Portability

Practical Aspects

  • Data Protection Officer
  • DP Impact Assessments
  • DP by Design
  • Data Processor Contracts
  • Data Breach Reporting




(AED 2,495)

What our clients say about us

    I highly recommend the GDPR Practitioner Certificate - Ibrahim is an excellent trainer, highly knowledgeable, and willing to spend time discussing specific queries that learners had. Ibrahim presents data protection concepts in an easy to understand way and he has a very engaging manner. The various course resources, including the GDPR Handbook and the online resource lab, were invaluable. JB, Wythenshawe Community Housing Group

    Great, swift and professional administrative assistance was provided before, during and after the course and this is what had made me choose to take this course instead of CIPP, as the latter course facilitator wasn\'t very responsive. So, I really hope that the person who is behind it all, if not a whole team, are properly valued by their bosses. They are doing a great job! I consider ActNow, the best training company in law and surveillance out there! And it\'s always an immense pleasure and privilege to be able to enrol on one of your courses. So, I consider myself very lucky in that respect. MP, Southwark Council

    This was a really excellent course. I was not expecting to learn as much - or dare I say it - enjoy the course! And when I got back to the day job, I realised how much I had learned. DB, London Legacy Development Corporation

    Would thoroughly recommend this course. The content is excellent, with lots of practical examples and case studies. It is also an opportunity to discuss real life workplace GDPR conundrums with other experts, which is also invaluable. CD, Kent County Council

    The course was a real eye opener. As someone who has worked for decades with complex legislation, I found that the course helped me unravel aspects of GDPR and DPA 2018 which I\'d previously struggled to navigate. Kt, West London NHS Trust