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RIPA Essentials
  1. Do I need special software/equipment?
  2. Your normal computer with an internet connection is fine. You will need speakers or headphones so that you can hear the sound. No special software is required. The course also works on an iPad but you may find the screen on a smartphone (iPhone etc.) is too small for you to fully benefit.

  3. How long will it take to complete the course?
  4. The whole course (a video and a quiz) will take about 30 minutes, though you may wish to take it slowly to maximise your learning.

  5. What does the course cover?
  6. The course covers:

    • Human Rights and Enforcement;
    • Directed Surveillance (DS);
    • Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS);
    • Social Media Investigations; and
    • Record Keeping and Data Protection

    A full course outline is here.

  7. Will this course help us prepare for a IPCO inspection?
  8. Yes. IPCO recommend refresher training for officers who use RIPA. Our course content reflect their common concerns.

  9. Who is this course suitable for?
  10. The target audience is local authority employees, who conduct or authorise surveillance under Part 2 of RIPA (Directed Surveillance and CHIS). This includes:

    • Trading Standards Officers
    • Environmental Health Officers
    • Planning Enforcement Officers
    • Licensing Officers
    • Lawyers
    • Auditors

  11. Who is this course not suitable for?
  12. This course is not suitable for anyone seeking detailed or practitioner level knowledge of RIPA. For such delegates we have full day workshops. We can also deliver customised in house training.

    If you are involved in the business of training, advice and consultancy in information and data protection law this course is not suitable for you. We reserve the right to refuse and/or cancel any bookings/licenses from such individuals and organisations or where we feel that you are in the same or similar business to ours or compete with us in some way.

  13. How long do I have to complete the course after booking?
  14. You have 90 days from the date of receiving the log in details to start the course. You do not have to complete it in one go. You can pause and go back to it as many times you want within the 90 days.

  15. We have a number of employees to train. Can we have administrator rights so that we can check who has completed the course?
  16. Yes. We can set you up as an administrator for your staff.

  17. What does the quiz involve and what is the pass mark?
  18. The quiz consists of multiple-choice questions. The pass mark is 60%.

  19. What happens if I fail the quiz?
  20. You can watch the video and do the quiz again.

  21. Is the quiz difficult and will I pass?
  22. No and we hope so. The pass mark is 60% but anyone who pays attention during the modules should pass.

  23. Can I ask questions?
  24. No. This is an e learning course designed to give you basic RIPA knowledge.

  25. What happens after I pass this course?
  26. You receive a certificate of successful completion and you can decide to do one of our full day courses.

  27. Can we upload the course on to our own learning management platform?
  28. This may be possible if you are buying multiple licences or an annual unlimited user licence. Please contact us to discuss further.

  29. Can we amend/customise the course content or add more modules?
  30. Yes but this would significantly increase the costs. Contact us to discuss further.

  31. How much is the course?
  32. The cost depends on the number of licenses you purchase. The cost starts from £69 plus vat per user for up to 20 licences. Click here for more information,

  33. How do I pay?
  34. We will invoice you. You can pay online or by cheque or BACS. Payment terms are 30 days after you receive the invoice. In some cases we may ask for payment in advance.

  35. I want to ask a specific question not on in the FAQs
  36. Contact us to send your query, and we will get back to you.