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FOI and Personal Data

Examine the legal and practical issues that arise when dealing with requests for access to personal data under FOIA and EIR. This workshop provides a detailed examination of the relevant exemptions/exceptions and considers when they may be engaged. Acquire a better understanding of how to deal with requests for personal data; when it can be disclosed, or lawfully withheld, and how to justify a decision in a Refusal Notice.

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EIR Exceptions

Understand what is required to support a decision to withhold environmental information and how to draft an EIR Refusal Notice accordingly. This advanced level workshop will provide a detailed examination of the EIR exceptions and how they operate in practice; how the courts and tribunals have interpreted the exceptions and how this informs their practical application.

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The FOI Exemptions

Learn how to navigate one of the main legal and practical challenges that public authorities face on a daily basis; correctly identifying and applying the exemptions to disclosure under the FOIA. This interactive workshop focusses on the FOIA exemptions in Part 2 of the Act. Using case studies, recent cases and ICO guidance, we examine each exemption with particular emphasis on the most widely used exemptions and explore what makes a good Refusal Notice.

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Contracts and Commercial Confidentiality

Examine the legal and practical issues that arise when dealing with requests for access to contracts, tenders and commercially sensitive information. Understand the relevant exemptions/ exceptions in the FOIA and the EIR and consider when they may be engaged. Gain a greater confidence in dealing with requests for commercial information; when it can lawfully withheld, and how to justify a decision in a Refusal Notice.

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The FOI Act 2000

Gain a detailed overview of the main provisions of the FOIA with a particular focus on how to handle requests in a timely and effective manner. Learn which exemptions may be used to withhold information by completing practical case studies and exercises. This workshop is essential for all those working with FOIA to gain a good understanding of the Act.

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The Environmental Information Regulations

Explore the Environmental Information Regulations with a complete overview of how to handle requests under the EIR. This workshop considers the definition of environmental information in detail followed by an examination of the procedural aspects of dealing with EIR requests and the exceptions to disclosure.

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What our clients say about us

    I highly recommend the GDPR Practitioner Certificate - Ibrahim is an excellent trainer, highly knowledgeable, and willing to spend time discussing specific queries that learners had. Ibrahim presents data protection concepts in an easy to understand way and he has a very engaging manner. The various course resources, including the GDPR Handbook and the online resource lab, were invaluable. JB, Wythenshawe Community Housing Group

    Great, swift and professional administrative assistance was provided before, during and after the course and this is what had made me choose to take this course instead of CIPP, as the latter course facilitator wasn\'t very responsive. So, I really hope that the person who is behind it all, if not a whole team, are properly valued by their bosses. They are doing a great job! I consider ActNow, the best training company in law and surveillance out there! And it\'s always an immense pleasure and privilege to be able to enrol on one of your courses. So, I consider myself very lucky in that respect. MP, Southwark Council

    This was a really excellent course. I was not expecting to learn as much - or dare I say it - enjoy the course! And when I got back to the day job, I realised how much I had learned. DB, London Legacy Development Corporation

    Would thoroughly recommend this course. The content is excellent, with lots of practical examples and case studies. It is also an opportunity to discuss real life workplace GDPR conundrums with other experts, which is also invaluable. CD, Kent County Council

    The course was a real eye opener. As someone who has worked for decades with complex legislation, I found that the course helped me unravel aspects of GDPR and DPA 2018 which I\'d previously struggled to navigate. Kt, West London NHS Trust