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Surveillance Cameras, Drones and the Law

This workshop examines the legal and practical issues associated with all types of surveillance cameras. Referencing the various legislation as well as the Information Commissioners code and the Surveillance Camera code, the trainer will help you form an action plan for compliance.

Public space and private area surveillance, use of drones, body cams, facial recognition and other software are all examined and discussed with signposts to relevant guidance and published best practice together with addressing the practical issues such as balancing the type of system required with the funds available, and ensuring lawful compliance when inheriting an older system.

This workshop is suitable for all those involved in managing, using or ensuring compliance in relation to surveillance systems and devices across both the public and private sector.

Key Topics

  • Identify the lawful requirements and oversight for your particular sytems
  • Identify the codes of practice and documentation relevant to your systems
  • commissioners
  • Explain the terms ‘lawful purpose’ ‘pressing need’ ‘privacy by design’
  • Identify the relevant codes of practice and ensure compliance
  • Understand the role of Data Protection Officer and registration requirements
  • Explain completion of a DPIA (data protection impact assessment) for systems or specific surveillance activity
  • Understand how to manage compliance for small and larger systems with diverse objectives
  • Discuss specific scenarios, case law and judgements
  • Identify online resources to use to ensure compliance
  • Explain the role of the civil aviation authority in relation to use of drones
  • Identify the regulatory requirements for the use of drones in specific circumstances

Dates & Cost


£399 plus VAT


£449 plus VAT

Timings: 10am to 4pm

Course tutors

All our associates are experienced information governance professionals who have been training and advising in this field for many years.

  • Lynn Wyeth

    Course Tutor

    Lynn is the Head of Information Governance for a large local authority and has over 20 years of experience as a practitioner. She holds a post graduate diploma in Information Rights, the CISMP certificate and is an accredited HSCIPP privacy practitioner. She is the author of two books and is currently undertaking a PhD. Her experience is across GDPR, FOI and RIPA.

  • Naomi Matthews

    Course Tutor

    Naomi is a local authority lawyer and holds a judicial position as a Fee Paid Member of the Upper Tribunal (Information Rights). She has extensive experience in all areas of information compliance and RIPA. Her training has been commended by RIPA inspectors and her advice has helped many local authorities understand the law and practicalities of covert surveillance.

What our clients say about us

    A useful overview of surveillance and the law, I found the information around use of Drone technology informative, which will influence decision making in my organisation.
    EP, North Tyneside Council