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Environmental Information Regulations
The Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) are often considered the poor cousin of FOI and have sometimes been referred to as the 'Cinderella' regime. However, the reality is they are equally important. Many EIR requests are mistakenly labelled as FOIs.

In this workshop, we will explain how to identify environmental information under EIR, how to answer requests, what to publish pro- actively and how to correctly refuse requests by claiming the exceptions. Using case studies, quizzes and exercises delegates will feel more confident about EIR compliance after this workshop.
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Location Manchester
04 Dec 2020
A lively + engaging trainer! EB, Kent County Council 
Excellent course, expertly delivered by Tim. Explained EIR clearly in an easy to understand manner. KP, Manchester City Council
Not having had any indepth EIR training previously, i found the whole course valuable . This clear and concise delivery has given me a better understanding of the difference between FOI and EIR. JB, DHSSPSNI
Tim was good at explaining exceptions + was happy to answer queries. Good knowledge. JM, Kent County Council
Excellent comprehensive introduction to EIR, for all staff either new to EIR or looking to develop knowledge and skills. DP, Royal Academy of Music