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A very well worthwhile hour, not to mention a brilliant way of doing it - this online training is superb.LK, South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat

I'm so impressed (and grateful) that you offer some courses for free. The quality is good - content, presentation itself, the depth and scope are all just right. It's so helpful not to have to pay out for an expensive course and not to have to travel to attend. Thank you. SS, University of Essex

I found my first experience of this type of training to be fabulous. I will certainly encourage others to give this a go. Far better than e-learning and the chat function works well. AM, NHS 24

A good experience and one I'll use again. SH, West Yorkshire Police

I enjoyed the seminar because it was based on real life experience rather than just facts and figures. MH, CCW

Excellent course, well presented and discussed with key issue addressed clearly and explained fully. Feel much better informed to go back to my organisation and ask the right questions of people. KL, University of Essex

Good way to conduct training - very fluid and saves leaving the office. AE, Tuxford School

First time I have used this service. I will certainly use it again. 1 hour was just the right time. CC, Rushcroft Sport College

Act Now Training is always engaging and I like the online format including the degree of interaction. PT, HEFCE

Excellent short concise summary of salient features. Technology worked well. Thanks Ibrahim. AM, Warwickshire Council

It's invaluable to be able to attend training at my desk in this way. Well presented and interesting. Thank you. SS, Essex University

This is the first time that I have used on-line training, I found it an excellent way to attend training. DN, Newcastle PCT

First time I have used this type of technology and it was very good. I am going to encourage my colleagues in the area at our next joint meeting to participate as the NHS have severely limited both training and travel expenses.

Makes such a difference hearing someone tell you, not just reading it in some 'difficult to understand' book. AE, North of Tyne NHS