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Practitioner Certificate in FOISA
"Freedom of Information training has to be practical and realistic if it is to empower FOI officers in our public sector organisations. I enjoy bringing my experience of local government, central government and the NHS to bear on the issues we discuss and share on the Act Now courses. And I relish learning from the experience and ideas of the delegates. Together we identify cost-effective ways of getting transparency right."

Frank Rankin, Course Tutor
Read a successful delegates' experience of the course

I really enjoyed the course and thought that the trainer really brought the subject to life. He was an excellent tutor and made this subject both interesting and informative with amusing anecdotes throughout. I would certainly go on another course being delivered by Act Now and would recommend him to my peers. LC, Glasgow Kelvin

Our Tutor was excellent. His knowledge of the subject was vast and impressive. I learned a lot. JM, Fife Council

This is the most useful course I have participated in for a long time. JT, Crofting Commission

The trainer was excellent and had such a wealth of knowledge and experience of the subject, an infectious enthusiasm for FOISA and a passion for training. We were given every help and assistance throughout.

The quality of the training was first rate. The trainer had a plan, but was willing to take a tangent to address individual issues raised by participants. The course helped me immensely in my job; in terms of added knowledge, procedural aspects, and confidence that decisions and replies would bear scrutiny if examined or challenged.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The speaker was excellent, very knowledgeable and adaptable. The project was a challenge, but makes you stand back and consider what FOI is all about, as well as researching on decisions, which I probably don't do enough of. The instruction on, and use of in the project, of the PIT was particularly useful for me. DM, Perth College UHI

I really enjoyed this course. It allowed me to build on my knowledge of FOISA developed 'on the job' and to understand the legislation and its application better. KF, National Galleries of Scotland

The FOISA practitioner course greatly improved my understanding of the Act and how to apply it in the course of my work. KM, Creative Scotland