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New Local Government Transparency Code (2:00)
On 29th September 2011, following a DCLG consultation earlier in the year, the final version of The Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities on Data Transparency was published.
Latest cases on Vexatious Requests under FOI (2:09)
Two recent decisions by differently constituted tribunals emphasise a common-sense and dictionary-led approach in preference to a checklist of tests.
Private Email, FOI and Michael Gove (2:53)
In September, it was widely reported that the Education secretary, Michael Gove, and department for Education officials had, apparently routinely, used personal email accounts to discuss official, often controversial, Department business.
Empty Properties and FOI (3:26)
Access to information about empty properties under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) has always been a contentious issue. The latest decision of the First Tier Tribunal (Information Rights) gives more guidance on handling such requests.
Disclosure of Statistics under FOI (2:57)
Section 40 often comes into play where public authorities receive requests for disclosure of statistics. There have been a number of decisions on this issue.
FOI Podcast No 27 (Feb 2012) (21:16)
Ibrahim Hasan discusses the latest FOI developments and decisions (September and December 2011).
The News from Channel 4 (54 seconds)
Does a public authority have to analyse contracts line by line to claim the section 43 exemption (commercial interests)?
My Salary - My Privacy (1:44)
Where a public sector employee objects to the disclosure of his/her salary details, does the public authority still have to disclose the information?
Help! I have a request from (2:19)
Can a request made via the website be deemed to be vexatious? The latest Tribunal decision on this topic offers some hope.
Education, Education, Education (2:01)
The latest news on what the Information Commissioner is doing to promote and enforce FOI and DPA in schools.
The Dead Can't Sue But... (2:43)
Access to information about the deceased requires application of the section 41 exemption (Breach of Confidence). A duty of confidence extends beyond death. Listen to the latest Tribunal case to apply these principles.
FOI Podcast No 26 (Sep 2011) (18:24)
Listen to the latest episode of the UK's only FOI podcast which contains the above (6 stories) and much more.
Mr Gove - Leave Them Emails Alone! (34 seconds)
Last Month, The Financial Times reported that the Department for Education had claimed that private emails "do not fall within the FOI Act" and are not searchable by civil servants. What is the legal position?
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