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My boss won't pay. What can I do?? Is any special software required to run the course? Can the course be done on a tablet or smartphone? How long does the course last? How long do I have to complete the course? Do I have to do the full course in one go? Who should do this course? I am not from a local authority. Can I still do the course? I am new to RIPA. Is this course suitable for me? I have had RIPA training previously. Is this course suitable for me? Is the course up to date with all the latest RIPA developments? Can I try the course before I buy? What is the pass mark for the final course assessment? Can I have another go at the final course assessment if I do not score well? If I repeat the final course assessment, will exactly the same questions come up? Can I cancel my order? Can I change the names of individual users after I have placed my order? How long do I have to start the course? Is the content of the course a definitive statement of the law?
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