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RIPA Policy and Procedures Toolkit
A complete set of policies, procedures and guidance on undertaking covert surveillance under Part 2 of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA)
DISCOUNT FOR PREVIOUS BUYERS - CLICK HERE All public authorities have to ensure that their covert surveillance and monitoring complies with RIPA and human rights legislation. Up to date policies and procedures as well as guidance on how to complete the RIPA forms are essential.

Our RIPA policies and procedures toolkit has been revised to take account of the latest Home Office Codes of Practice and OSC guidance. There is an expanded section on non-RIPA surveillance as well as forms for recording and cancelling the same. The toolkit is written in straightforward language (avoiding legal jargon) and includes flowcharts to assist understanding. Over one hundred organisations have bought previous versions of this toolkit.

Now is the time to revise your RIPA polices and procedures and make your staff aware of the new rules. Ibrahim Hasan, one of the UK's leading writers and trainers on public sector surveillance, has developed this RIPA procedures and guidance toolkit to assist you. Why reinvent the wheel!

The toolkit includes an updated version of our previous RIPA Forms Guidance document, which was bought by over one hundred different organisations. In addition it now includes detailed guidance notes on deciding when surveillance is caught by RIPA, how to authorise it and what to do about surveillance which is not regulated by RIPA. The toolkit is written in straight forward language (avoiding legal jargon) and includes flowcharts to assist understanding.

Click here for the scottish RIPSA Forms Guidance