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Advanced Certificate in GDPR Practice
I am really looking forward to teaching this course. I hope to challenge, inspire and provoke delegates into thinking about advanced GDPR concepts and their application. It will be hard work for the delegates (and the tutor) but worth it! These together with a series of practical tasks is sure to enthuse and excite delegates on their way to advancing their skills.
Ibrahim Hasan, Solicitor and Course Director
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Very good well rounded course that helps ensures you can tackle complex situations across different processing environments using a wide range of technologies CG, NHS Business Services Authority

The outcomes of this course were clear at the outset and it certainly lived up to expectations. The promise to take me out of my comfort zone was met, and this was something I was seeking. There are aspects of Data Protection I have not needed to know about in depth, and the practicalities of pre preparing before attending a masterclass involving other practitioners was a perfect blend which achieved an improvement in skills and knowledge. Not since my successful completion of the Prince II Practitioners\' Certificate have I been so challenged by a training course. JC, Police Investigations & Review Commissioner

A challenging and thought provoking way to enhance your knowledge of the UK GDPR and your analysis skills. The small group format does mean you have to participate (and complete the pre-work) but conversely it means you really learn, not just from the text but from the real life examples of other Privacy Professionals. I would certainly recommend. GR, People\'s Postcode Lottery

This course made me think methodically and rigorously about data protection. The wider reading and study we were encouraged to undertake was particularly useful. The tutor was extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive. JW,Perth and Kinross Council

I really enjoyed this course, which was an in-depth examination of data protection issues in real life cases and realistic fictional case studies. Discussions with the tutor and other participants were focused and interesting. The course materials included an invaluable guide on how to structure a case analysis. I missed the generous lunch of the in-person course for social reasons but appreciated the equally generous lunch vouchers for uber eats! Thank you. PW, Historic Environment Scotland

The Advanced GDPR Practitioner course is excellent. It is designed to challenge your way of thinking and to come up with solutions to complex scenarios. This is essential learning for any practitioner, no matter your experience. R, Smartdesc Ltd

Excellent course, very challenging but ultimately very rewarding. ZH, Leaders Romans Group Ltd

I have attended many ActNow courses and seminars over the years and they continue to excel in both style and content. I would recommend the Advanced GDPR Certificate for anyone who wants to test their mettle and refamiliarise themselves with both the aspects and application of legislation which may not regularly arise in their normal working life NM, Cuckoo Hall Academies Trust

“The training provided practical guidance with useful examples to help inform my application of GDPR in the workplace. The focus was on how to use it rather than learning all the legal minutiae, and from the first session I was able to go away and use what I’d learnt in my Information Governance role.“ EG, Hampshire CC

“A highly informative and interactive course which helped to join the dots together and add layers to my understanding of a complex area. I had some reservations as to how it would be possible to achieve an effective course remotely and would it be as engaging as a classroom-based alternative. The Trainer managed all this and more, he was approachable, highly knowledgeable and made sure the participants were understanding the content. I would not hesitate to recommend to colleagues.“SW, Harrogate BC

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