GDPR going live on
25th May 2018
Delegate Comments
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The course content was very relevant and very focused. The speaker new his subject and interacted impeccably with the group and provided real life scenarios.

Clear explanation of a difficult subject. NB, Thames Valley Police

Great course - a must for all of you out there grappling with the GDPR requirements.

Speaker was extremely knowledgeable and gave lots of relevant examples. PT, GMPTE

Simply excellent. A must for every beginner in the world of FOI. G.I-CPS

This is a training programme, rather than just a course/presentation. The greater use I made of all the resources on offer the more I gained from the training.

Enjoyable course delivered by someone who has an obvious indepth understanding of the subject. GK, Mersey Care NHS Trust

I found all of useful! all of my questions have been answered and understood. MC, Hanley St Lukes

I found the entire course useful - Excellent course - Very helpful. JW, NHS HMR

An enjoyable, informative course well illustrated with typical examples. Provided me with a useful overview of DPA issues. AM, Dept of Justice NI

Yet again, an excellent informative course which delivered value for money and up to the minute legal guidance. SB, Suffolk Coastal DC

Speaker always had time to stop for questions. NLW, Association of Commonwealth Universities

Excellent presenter with a practical approach

Knowledgeable trainer, covered a range of Data Protection and FOI in an interesting way. DR, Pembury House

Highly knowledgeable and approachable speaker. Made this course very entertaining as well as excellent value. JW, Adur DC

Loved the course. It is hard, by nature, to make Data Protection an interesting subject however the Act Now GDPR Practitioner Course did just that. Would highly recommend.

Excellent presentation of all aspects. Very clear explanation of parental responsibility issues and steps to take. MB, St Albans High School

A well thought out and presented course, with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion about practical points - taking the theory into real-work situations.

Good, laid back course with very good content and great speaker. Very helpful in expanding my knowledge in EIR. JM, Kent County Council

Being new to the role of compliance officer. I found the whole course useful and it has made aspects of the FOIA understandable. KF, Telford & Wrekin BC

I learnt a lot to relay to the inquiry team. Brilliant as usual! NE, Robert Hamill Enquiry

Not having had any indepth EIR training previously, I found the whole course valuable . This clear and concise delivery has given me a better understanding of the difference between FOI and EIR. JB, DHSSPSNI

This workshop was very helpful in identifying the main changes that would affect our business when the new Regulations come into force. It was broken down and explained in a practical way and time was allowed to further discuss the points that the group felt were relevant to them in their workplace throughout the day. I would certainly recommend this course for anyone currently working in this area.

A very clear presentation of a potentially tricky area. Thank You. MA, Blaby District Council

As someone with no FOI experience and knowledge i really enjoyed the course and although others on the course were working in this field i did not feel that it was too technical - it was explained well. PK, Fife Council

Speaker very knowledgeable on his subject. AG Fife Council

Tutor was very knowledgeable - Excellent.

I found the course material to be very helpful and the speaker to be very knowledgeable, clear and concise. RN, Fife Fire and Rescue Service

An excellent workshop delivered by a very engaging speaker. The course content was pitched at the perfect level for all attendees (from both the public & private sectors). Questions were raised & answered throughout the day. Course materials provided are a valuable source of reference and of a high standard. Would definitely recommend!

As an authority we have now used Ibrahim three times as our expert trainer. On each occasion he has fully met our expectations and has successfully enabled a multi disciplinary audience to understand complex legislation so that as an organisation we are able to fulfil our duties. What's more he was also entertaining and thus held the groups attention thus helping a positive outcome for our training.

The speaker went into great detail to clarify exemptions. LC, South Holland DC

Today i feel i have the know-how needed to implement Information Assurance successfully! TD, Essex County Council

Great course - Interesting and comprehensive. Very useful for keeping up to date with the legislation. JP, English Heritage

Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer. CJ, Warwickshire CC

The 5-day Practitioner Certificate is a rare opportunity for information professionals to gain and share knowledge and expertise of current data protection work practice and consider how the new regulation will affect organisations across sectors. A valuable experience!

Would definitely recommed this course to anyone wishing for clarification on DP as examples can relate to most organisations. SH, South Eastern Regional College

Excellent practical course focussed on role of the SPoC. MC, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills

Enjoyed presentation skills and informal attitude. Encouraged engagement so lots of discussion of relevant cases all day. KJ, Shetland Islands Council

A real eye opener on how social networking sites can be used effectively in an investigation. DG, Wiltshire Fire and Rescue

Great day, interesting discussion and experience sharing. Full of up to date information and accessible resources. HD, NHS England

Thank you for a worthwhile course. RP, Prenton High

Spot-on training well tailored for our internal needs and full of good practical advice. All our queries dealt with on the day.

Excellent introduction or refresher to Data protection.

Made a difficult subject easily accessible and understood. KP  Countryside Council for Wales

Good notes to take back to share with the School. MG, Duffryn High School

Delegate pack was excellent - lots of useful information. DH, Electoral Commission

The practical up to date notes are very useful, but the completing of forms and feedback is the highlight. WC, South Gloucestershire Council

Quality speaker, very well versed and pitched at the right level. CR, Fife Fire and Rescue

Useful intro to a complex subject, case studies particulalry useful. IH, Independant News and Media

An excellent overview of the GDPR, clearly outlining the similarities and differences to current data protection regulations. The speaker clearly knew their stuff and was able to deal with a wide variety of questions with confidence and expertise.

The course delivered through Act Now was not only educational but informative. The teaching skills were excellent, I felt at ease in the class and came away with a tremendous amount of knowledge that I can use in every day situations. Thank you.

Steve Morris made it very interesting, he is obviously very knowledgeable in the subject.

Excellent course content, discussed and debated using individually specific working environments. LC, Edge Hill University

Great insight to the key changes with the introduction of GDPR, delivered in a knowledgable and relevant way to our organisation with materials we can now go away and plan for our organisation implementing the GDPR - Great 1 day course!

Steve was very informative, he made the training relevant and therefore easier to understand. The way he put RIPA into context at the beginning of the training made everything fall into place.

What i found useful was the degree of detail available and the course information. ST, Melton BC

I found the course content was delivered in a sensible, logical format with great examples that weren't too legislative heavy - just perfectly pitched. Paul is an excellent speaker whose experience in this field is evident. Another excellent Act Now course. Thank you.

It is good to have a balanced expalnation and not a biased or opinionated view. GM, Staffordshire Police

I found the whole thing useful! Have been looking for FOI training for a long time and this has been excellent. I will be recommending it! BW, Boston College

Excellent training materials and very knowledgeable trainer. Could not recommend enough for those new to FOI, or those wanting to brush up on their knowledge of FOI exemptions.

A first class course. Thank You. MS Dept of Agriculture NI

Very informative, a must for any person involved in surveillance activity. JG, Dundee City Council

The delivery of the course was excellent. I will be signing up for another course and would recommend to others. Very informative - good subject knowledge. AM, Central Bedfordshire Council

Speaker was clear and engaging. DH, Electoral Commission

Excellent insight into FOI; useful documents and practical group discussions.

Very clear, excellent pace, interestingly presented, very knowledgeable, use of examples and opportunities, very useful. CT, St Augustines I & N

An excellent concise summary of everything you need to know to approach EIR requests with confidence. HT, Gedling Borough Council

Every bit of it was covered comprehensively and interestingly- Superb course.

Fantastic course, brilliant interaction, great study materials. LW, Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Worthwhile attendance for a complete introduction to Data Protection. EW, McCann Complete Medical

I think this is a brilliant company that help explain legislations in a more simplified manner. JD, Kent County Council

Highly recommended - Covers everything you need to know. Very clearly, concisely and with some fun! SP, Natural England

The office is raving about your recent SIRO training! They really enjoyed it and the whole conversation this morning is all SIRO based.

No nonsense guidance with a common sense delivery. A.G- Broxtowe BC

Speaker was extremely knowledgeable and gave lots of relevant examples.

Excellent speaker, clear and friendly. SB, Rochdale BC

Really good course setting out some good practical examples for implementing GDPR.

This course in essential if working in Education. LM, St James Primary School

Well presented and relevant. Pitched at a level that was appropriate-J.C

Good quality and practical training. Tim Turner is very knowledgeable and his presentation style is relaxed and informative.

I found all aspects useful, however, i especially liked the section where Sulaiman demonstrated the prayers. The course documentation and presentation are excellent. Very Interesting course. AS, BSafe Blackpool

A well presented course with a speaker who was clearly well prepared with an excellent knowledge of the subject. AS, Hampshire County Council

All of it was very comprehensive and useful. PC, DRD Roads Service

Excellent course - highly informative and massively useful, delivered insightfully and in plain english. Much recommended!

An excellent introduction and overview to FOI, all the essentials were covered in detail. LH, Keele University

As a deputy having to make some on the spot decisions, this was extremely helpful - i feel alot more confident to deal with certain situations. RB, St Oswald's Infants

Very good trainer, delivered in an interesting and relevant way. Thoroughly enjoyed the day, even for a Monday!

The speakers own knowledge and experience allowed him to give very relevant examples of requests and kept the course interesting throughtout. LM, EIR Update

Made what could be a fairly dry subject, interesting and relevant to my workplace. SP, Stirling Council

One of the best L/A's course i have attended. DK, Hart DC

Very good indeed. Really informative, very useful, i learnt a great deal today. Thanks!! David Singleton, ICR

Interesting course, relevant materials,. Worthwhile! LS, SYFRS

An excellent speaker, very knowledgeable on the EIR process. EB, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Very informative and easy to follow steps. CG, Mayors Office for Policing Crime

I found the course very informative and it provided me with the right level of information about GDPR. I would highly recommend Act Now and the GDPR Practitioner Course

As always, Act Now have delivered an excellent and informative course that will help me with the practical implementation of the GDPR.

Open discussion throughout. Al questions regarding exemptions explored and answered. MT, DVLA

Interpretation of exemptions into plain english was good. LG, SFRS

Well delivered training by a knowledgeable speaker. EG, NHS Grampian

I highly recommend Act Now Training. The speaker presented a relatively heavy topic in a highly interesting manner. As someone who had previously read the Regulation multiple times, I guarantee that this course will still provide you with considerable added value.

Great trainer, great content. I now feel i have the information at my disposal to carry out my day to day activities. CG, Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Excellent course. Interesting, experienced speaker who knows the subject. Recommended. PW, Office of Rail Regulation

Very informative from an enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker. MA, CHRE

An excellent course for all levels of knowledge. The speaker is able to deliver in a manner that never becomes disinteresting [SIC].

Very interesting course. The course was directed at the right level and pace was just right.

This was an excellent course, comprehensive and important to anyone new to the FOI role. DP, Royal Academy of Music

Takes the 'fear factor' out of FOI compliance. AM, Board of CHCs

I was previously unaware of many of the search tools/websites introduced. CM, Fife Council

I thought the course was very easy to understand, good content and delivered really well. MS, Star Housing

Practical, informative, "human" approach and helpful-P.D

If you want to learn about a dry subject and have fun doing it. An Act Now course is for you. PJ, Post Office Ltd

Speakers own knowledge was excellent. LM, DVA NI

A well delivered course with content tailored to meet the needs of the organization. Plenty of opportunity for discussion about practical implementations, presented in a relaxed manner by a knowledgeable and approachable speaker.

This was a great course to give me a better understanding of the impact GDPR will have on my organisation. Despite knowing what was coming, I found it difficult to write an action plan on what needed to be done to be compliant before this course. Within a week of attending the last session I had the plan in draft format ready for approval at the local Information Governance Committee. I now look at colleagues who are still struggling and think that could have been me if I hadn't done this course. It is a must if you want to be compliant.

Really useful course. Will really help in managing Data Protection in my workplace.

I really enjoyed the course - i learnt so much and was able to clarify what very basic knowledge i had. It was very informative and i feel more confident in my knowledge. Thank You. CB, University of Lincoln

I found the course more interesting than i thought i would. SW, Newman University

Concise overview of the FOI Act with just the right balance of information. Enabled me to feel confident in responding to requests and applying exemptions where appropriate. Useful course materials and experienced trainer - time very well spent!

Speaker very knowledgeable and clear in presentation. PM, Imperial College

What i found useful was that i had an opportunity to discuss issues with the trainer and other delegates in addition to the trainers presentation. AP, East Sussex Fire & Rescue

An excellent course, presented with flair, that explained the transition from DP Act to GDPR with emphasis on both the law and real world examples.

Excellent day from an experienced and engaging speaker.

The feedback from delegates has been very positive saying how well presented and entertaining they found the sessions to be. Delegates also found it useful to be able to raise issues relevant to their work in local government and participate in valuable discussion about these issues. Well done.

Excellent day. Even the Friday afternoon session was not a graveyard session. Very very interesting.

VeryI thought Steve presented the course very well. He was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all questions asked. C.W- Broxtowe BC

Brilliant, informing training with interactive elements allowing opportunity to give opinions and share ideas. JM, Kent County Council

This course is suited to both delegates with experience/awareness of Data Protection legislation and equally pitched at a level that can benefit those who are fairly new to the subject.

Very good course. Easy to understand. Speaker was very engaging and knowledgeable. Would definitely attend other courses. LW, Canterbury CC

The course was very interesting and the speaker made the information more understandable. EB, Colchester BC

A really useful day, informative and relevant. LH, Keele University

Great course, learnt all the basics, useful, timely and very thought provoking. Trainer was very knowledgable. J.M

Our speaker was extremely knowledgeable and approachable, dealing with our questions without problems. NG, Eglwys newydd Primary School

Excellent training day - very informative and answered all questions i had regarding RIPA and Surveillance Law. FB, NIHE

Sound advice, very pracrical. Clear explanation of the legal framework. GS, Fernhurst School

It was all exttremely useful and met my expectations. GP, Northcliffe School

The course was really well thought out, delivered and very informative. It helped me to really understand the complexities of RIPA. J.C- BAB and MID suffolk DC

Tim did very well to make a potentially dry subject accessible and entertaining. NC - Invest NI

The content and pace of the sessions allowed for good, two-way interaction that ensured a sound knowledge and understanding of the SPoC role was delivered. CP, Notts F&R Services

Act Now provides clear guidance in evolving areas, and its tutors remain on top of an ever-changing brief, providing an engaging and insightful environment

The course was very useful, particularly being given expert opinion and guidance. VW, Chorley Council

Found all the course very informative in particular the exmaples of individual cases. CB, SERC

Enjoyable and informative, a really useful day.

Well presented documentation to take away for future reference. KC, Lee Royd Nursery School

A very thorough and informative course. The speaker's knowledge of the subject material and anecdotal examples showed in his delivery and made the course enjoyable for what might otherwise be described as a very dry topic.

The course was well presented and easy to take in. JA, Archbishop Thurstan School

A very enjoyable and informative course which has helped me to feel confident in processing personal data and responding to subject access requests. SK, Charity Commission for NI

Course Documentation - Indepth and well presented. The interactive nature of the course has also been helpful as it allows questions to be asked about requests currently dealing with. EP, Nottingham Trent University

Informative, interesting and engaging. I'm not an expert on GDPR, but I know a lot more than I did before going on the course and enough to have meaningful discussions with other staff.

A very well organised and run course. Trainers in depth knowledge and the opportunity to discuss examples and case studies make for a very informative day. PM, Kent County Council

Knowledge of subject passed onto participants in a most informative and enjoyable manner. LL, Fife Council, FOISA

Very engaging overview that was of real value, large amount of course material will be of value for future reference.

I am new to FOI so the complete overview was very useful to me. Speaker was very knowledgeable and explained things so easily understood. LW, Canterbury City Council

Case studies were very useful in showing how to apply the many complex parts of all the different laws. JB, Ceredigion CC

The course was very comprehensive & well structured, with a good mix of presentation, self-testing and group exercises. Ibrahim is a lively, knowledgeable and engaging presenter. I found the course very useful and i am confident i will pass the exam. RM, Audit Commission

Great balance of theory and practice; up to date information. CP, Grosvenor GS

The whole day was extremely "eye opening" and useful. Practical advice and clarification. Law side very interesting. Whole course very enjoyable. TH, Cleeve Primary School

Lots of food for thought. In the past I have changed how we do things following suggestions from Act Now. That may happen again!

Excellent presentation and highly informative. PJN, Handsworth Christian School

The course was excellent - well paced and delivered with humour and vitality - underpinned by obvious expert knowledge. I would thoroughly recommend it - great value for money and time away from the office well spent.

Tutor managed to make interesting what has previously been presented extremely dully (by other companies)

Good 'starter' for understanding the Data Protection Act and our responsibilities relating to it

I found all of it useful - I have struggled with RIPA for some time, this course has provided a very useful overview, shed light on various areas and given me the tools to undertake further research/analysis in an informed way. Thank You! CH, Leicester City Council

Excellent course, highly recomend to all LA's.

Made me think of what information we give out without thinking - put best practice in place. AH, Valley Road Primary School

Found all areas informative and i will take back with me alot of confidence to implement records management! MP, NHS ambulance Service

Very interesting - brought FOI to life. An engaging speaker. AF, VisitScotland

I found all of it useful. I wanted up to date info on the law and this was delivered. I also have a booklet to delve into for most scenarios. CH, Kingsley Primary School

Thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. Will definitely refer colleagues to these courses. DJ, Powys County Council

Probably the best presented course I have ever attended - a trainer who made everything so simple and connected and easy to follow. I actually enjoyed it and have taken away so many practical hints to take my organisation forwards to GDPR compliance.

The examples used by the trainer were useful. Trainer (Sharon Heels) was excellent and made a relatively difficult subject easier to get head round. Enjoyable. SK, Castleraegh BC

I found the whole thing useful! Have been looking for FOI training for a long time and this has been excellent. I will be recommending it!

Do not hesitate to book on a course, even as a experienxed practitioner, ths course is a must do! GH, Northants County Council

Excellent training course. Ibrahim's delivery was really easy and informative. CP, Westminster CC

All of it was useful; well done! Very informative as well as enjoyable. CT, Shepway DC

The training was excellent and very informative and has supported our understanding of the roles of the SIRO and Caldicott Guardian.

You come out knowing so much more. It is amazing and quite liberating. DJ, Powys County Council

An excellent course with a practical application. LK, North Lincolnshire Council

Very informative, well structured introduction to the world of internet investigations. SS, Counter Fraud, BSO

Found it all very interesting and excellent delivery. JE, Abbot's Lea School

From initially making enquiries with Act Now online through to booking the course the customer service has been excellent. The course materials provided, both physically and online were very informative and helpful. The training received was first rate as was the hospitality provided by Act Now during the seminars.

Tim is an excellent trainer, his depth of knowledge of the subject is always evident, and delivered in a passionate and entertaining way.

Very useful information which will help with my role in school. LF, Whitfield Valley Primary School

What is quite a dull subject usually was presented superbly. The information given was clear and concise and the manner in which it was delivered was engaging and interesting with just the right amount of humour.

What i found useful was to be able to ask questions and discuss issues throughout the course. CM, Bradford and Airdale PCT

The 1/2 day RIPA awareness session delivered by Steve Morris was thoroughly enjoyable. He brought the regulations to life, going through practical examples and how processes in the organisation could be altered to ensure compliance, as well as clearly explaining the difference between RIPA and non RIPA surveillance. I just wish I would have invited more managers to attend the training. It has given me a real sense of purpose to revise our in-house policies and procedures to make the regulations work for us.

Found the whole course useful, the scenarios and questions were a very good way of showing how to put it into practice. LL, Broadfield Primary

The knowledge of Alex - She certainly knew her stuff and presented it in very easy manner, which meant i could take alot on board!! TS, St Wilfred's High School

An excellent course, informative and well structured. clearly an experienced and knowledgeable speaker, highly recommended. LB, SYFRS

I now have better awareness of the law and where the school stands in the bigger picture. GA, Grafton Primary School

Ibrahim's ability to communicate potentially complex matters into layman's terms helped greatly with improving my knowledge and understanding on the subject. PP, St Albans Council

Delivery of training was great. It was a bonus that Tim actually does the role that he was training us on. CM, IIPUK

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, helped me to understand and plan for changes as a result of GDPR, knowledge of trainer was very impressive.

I half expected a course on data protection to be deadly dull, but not a bit of it! It succeeded not only in provoking lively discussions in the classroom but has also given me a good grasp of this complex subject matter.

Really useful event. Ibrahim obviously very knowledgeable and communicates well. The questions I had prior to the day were all answered. JF, Carlisle College

Would recommend this course for any Data Protection professional needing to get up to speed with GDPR. It will give you the tools you need to take things forward in your organisation.

A really enjoyable and practical course. Informative in terms of learning and it also helped to put into context my own reading and work around GDPR. The course was delivered at a good pace. Questions and discussions raised by other delegates were interesting and informative too.

Will significantly increase my confidence in dealing with FOI requests where refusals may (or may not) be appropriate. ST, Basingstoke & Deane BC

Set at the right level. Addressed all questions asked. Course documentation is excellent. HJ, NHS Stoke on Trent

A very useful & valuable training experience. I would recommend to anyone who applies the DPA in their day to day work.

The course consolidated and expanded my knowledge base around this subject and I feel better equipped to face the implications of the new Regulation; as Woody (Toy Story) might say if he was involved in data protection: to GDPR and beyond!

Overall excellent and very enjoyable. Would certainly recommend this course. HP, Legal Services Commission

I would highly recomend Act Now training, informative and well presented.

Ac Excellent course presented by an extremely knowledgeable and approachable trainer. This has crystallised for me the approach to adopt when answering FOI Requests. AW, East Staffs BC

I am very new to FOI but having attended the Act Now FOI A-Z training cause I feel much more confident to deal with FOIA requests.

Very informative and interesting presentation of a complicated subject in an understandable manner-P.S

Vast, in depth course, compacted down to a worthwhile experience.

Actnow provide well run, well thought out courses. The tutors are knowledgeable and skilled in presenting the subject in an enjoyable and practical way, making it easy to understand and apply. I have been using Act Now training for 14 years and would recommend them every time.

Potentially dull subject made very interesting. SP, Cambs CC

Informative, pacy and with humour, a good course. I've enjoyed the day, learnt useful practical information. So good I've not doodled once on my notes! DF, Kent County Council

Not having had any indepth EIR training previously, i found the whole course valuable . This clear and concise delivery has given me a better understanding of the difference between FOI and EIR. JB, DHSSPSNI

The speaker had a vast knowledge of FOI and was able to direct any questions asked. JB, L&B Fire and Rescue Service

All aspects were useful - an informative and interesting course. I would recommend it to others. GE, Wakefield District Housing

I found the speaker very approachable and he delivered the material clearly. DG, VisitScotland

I had found the course very informative. The speaker was excellent and he made the course enjoyable. CH, Worthing BC

Excellent, clear and interesting presentation. Lots of opportunity to take part and ask questions. You made a very complex piece of information/legislationinteresting and more easy to understand. MH, Newcastle Children's Services

Paul gave a wonderful presentation based on Data Protection, covering all needs of participants. It was easy to understand and I have clear actions to take back to school. Thank You. AL, Chorlton CE Primary School

The way the info was presented orally - very interesting. SC, South Gloucestershire Council

Informative, pacy and with humour, a good course. I've enjoyed the day, learnt useful practical information. So good i've not doodled once on my notes! DF, Kent County Council

An excellent course covering all the key points on GDPR. Tim was engaging, fluent and very well informed. I would recommend this Course to anyone facing the challenge of managing GDPR in their organisation.

Very informative and easy to follow steps. CG, Mayors Office for Policing Crime

An excellent course - the trainer explained things very well, and at an appropriate pace, there were lots of practical and very relevant examples - it has really improved my understanding of GDPR!

Excellent course, came away feeling a lot more confident about my knowledge of GDPR.

Informative and informal course which presented the information in an easily understood format. Excellent presenter. HL, South Lanarkshire Council

All round good quality, very good presentation of info. AM, NIJAC

Excellent training course. Ibrahim's delivery was really easy and informative. CP, Westminster CC

This is the latest in a number of courses I've done with ActNow and I would always recommend them as a training provider. As trainer Tim did a great job to balance getting us through the course curriculum and fostering a really discursive environment. It's a real 'practitioner' course - we were able to look at many approaches to apply the law practically when we go back to the office after the course.

Excellent as usual. SH, Cheltenham Borough Council

Ibrahim's half day seminar on the Freedom of Information Act was excellent and enabled everyone to go away with a good understanding of the legislation, how to respond to requests and the broader issues around records management. Ibrahim has the rare ability to bring difficult subjects to life and make training sessions enjoyable. Recommended without reservation.

Act Now deliver the best value training in this sector combining knowledge, expertise and a common-sense approach to sometimes complex legal issues. JM, Gloucestershire County Council

Speaker was interesting and clearly very knowledgeable on the subject. PD, IPCC

Being new to DP. I found the whole course very useful and Ibrahim very easy to listen to and understand the content. DW, PSNI

Very useful, insightful course that provided hands on practical tips on GDPR implementation within our business.

Subject bought alive by a real life practitioner with real experience to explain a complicated subject. JE, Hampshire County Council

I found every part of the course useful. I came to get an update on the DPA and this is exactly what i got. VC, Royal College of Psychiatrists

I would highly recommend Act Now Training courses to friends and colleagues. This particular course on the GDPR was excellent. The speaker kept us all captivated for the full day and managed to break down the GDPR into a more manageable topic. Doesn't seem quite so complicated now. Thank you!

Course materials were excellent - especially the summaries of recent decisions. Very detailed look at exemptions, overall very helpful. RA, New Forest NPA

Excellent course, very informative.

The presenter was engaging and personable, adapting examples for the range of delegates in attendance to relate to. He demonstrated excellent understanding and provided really useful and practical guidance that we could take away to use.

With very little Data Protection knowledge, this course gave me a good overview of the act. KB, Strathclyde Police

what i found very useful was the indepth knowledge of the speaker and the welcomed participation of the candidates. DC, Woking Borough Council

Just wanted to highlight how happy we were with the RIPA training Steve Morris delivered. Both the authorising and applicants courses were very well received, all who attended praised Steve’s style and content . I would certainly recommend Steve for future RIPA training .

The course was an excellent way to refresh my knowledge and consider issues encountered by other users of the legislation. PT, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills

This course as a whole was very informative and Paul\'s enthusiasm for Freedom of Information was great. LC, Liverpool Direct Ltd

Excellent informative course. The speaker was impressively knowledgeable and presented in a refreshingly lively and enthusiastic manner. I found every part of the course useful. I came to get an update on the DPA and this is exactly what I got.

Really good overview of FOI. I didn't feel lost or confused - even as a beginner! SW, Denbighshire CC

Excellent informative course. Tim was impressively knowledgeable and presented in a refreshingly lively and enthusiastic manner. VC, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Excellent course, expertly delivered by Tim. Explained EIR clearly in an easy to understand manner. KP, Manchester City Council

Coming with little background knowledge and experience found it an excellent introduction. BC, Powys County Council

Act Now's GDPR workshop provided an accessible and informative introduction to the new regulation, which I am sure will prove invaluable as we work out our first steps in revising our policies and procedures. Thanks!

One of the few courses i have been on that has made a direct impact on my day to day work. Thank you! LA, Corby Borough Council

Alex knew so much. HK, St Brigid's CP School

A potentially dry subject matter made interesting and relevant by an experienced speaker. PM, Castlereagh BC

Very high standard of training with real life scenarios incorporated to further instill the concepts. The trainer had wide-ranging experience and presented in a listenable and graspable manner. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Throroughly Informative Course - LM, Palatine CSC

Excellent speaker, small number of delegates. A very useful update given speaker knows his area of expertise. AB, Renfrewshire Council

A very useful day in which we were able to discuss and clarify issues. Always good to hear input from others. JS, Warwickshire CC

Excellent Speaker with thorough understanding and passion to convey knowledge.

Paul has an excellent knowledge of the DP Act. He used relevant references throughout the course to make the act real and relevant." CB, United Utilities

This course was informative and entertaining. I would recommend this course to anyone dealing with data protection matters.

Brilliant! i've learnt far more investigative tools are available than i realised, great training! RH, Preston City Council

I couldn't pinpoint a specific point that would be least useful as i found the course to be on the whole very useful. LJ, DARD

Great course, pitched at the right level. Frank's knowledge and experience of all matters DP related are matched only by his knowledge of all matters Monty Python related! Enjoyed the week and obtained an extremely valuable qualification (if I've passed!) in the process.

Paul Gibbons is very knowledgeable and engaging during his training session. I would recommend him and Act Now to my colleagues.

Interactive, interesting and very useful. Highy recommended. PK, Wrexham CBC

Putting theory into practice. CJ, Springhead Primary School

Really enjoyed the course - excellent content. CG, Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority

Great overview which answered many of my questions. GT, Marketing Edinburgh Ltd

A very useful and helpful course on the new Bill, really clarified the issues and gave me points to work on for my council.

The course was informative and delivered in an engaging manner. Excellent course book. Highly recommended.

I would definitely recommend this course. It gave me a much better understanding of FOI Exemptions, where and how to use them.

Really useful overview of the key elements of the GDPR, including where this differs from the 1998 DPA, and a very handy summary of the priority areas to look at within our organisations to ensure compliance by May 2018.

Mr hasan is very knowledgeable on this subject and is able to teach the information in an enjoyable way. ARG, Suffolk County Council

This course is a must for anyone dealing with FOI requests in their day-to-day work. KY, Coventry City Council

Excellent course, subject content explained in an easy and relaxed manned. LM, Scottish Funding Council

Good RIPA overview with an informed and entertaining speaker. NG, Lewes District Council

The session gave a great update on recent developments and was a good opportunity to speak with colleagues from other organisations. AH, Wirral Boroguh Council

Very knowledgeable and entertaining trainer who brought the subject to life. SC, London Councils

Phil was definitely a DP guru. K.P- Community safety

Very comprehensive course, delivered with years of specific experience and knowledge, which makes Act Now training a cut above the rest - particularly as everyone jumps on the GDPR bandwagon!

The project allowed more time for reflection and consideration of how your new knowledge can be applied in practice and again has really helped me consolidate my knowledge. The course has really set me up with an excellent grounding to start our preparation. The course materials are great for this and I use my GDPR guide most days in my work. Overall a really useful grounding and an excellent preparation for what will be a challenging few months ahead. I can absolutely say I feel far more confident moving forward armed with what I learned over the five days. Thanks to all involved with the course at Act Now and I will certainly be booking further training in the future. The course was excellent and well presented. I found the speaker approachable and entertaining and he helped to make what could be a dry subject come to life.

It was all really useful, interesting and worthwhile. EH, GNC

Real life examples - press cuttings/topical issues. Thorough review of the law. KL, WCC

Excellent informative course. Tim was impressively knowledgeable and presented in a refreshingly lively and enthusiastic manner. VC, Royal College of Psychiatrists

The course was very informative but not over loading. Topic and delivery pitched at right level. LB, Kent Police

The speakers own knowledge and experience allowed him to give very relevant examples of requests and kept the course interesting throughtout. LM, EIR Update

Found it all interesting and very useful. Speaker was superb and very interesting. Top quality. RB, Kent CC

Paul was a great trainer. He made thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommended course. MA> Open University

A very well presented course with a speaker who was very clearly well prepared with an excellent knowledge of the subject. AS, Hampshire Trading Standards

Very informative course. Delivered in a light hearted and very knowledgeable way. PB, Kent CC

An excellent input which put more tools in the toolbox! IB, SEPA

Up to date knowledge on child protection. DM, Rivington High School

Will recommend course to colleague working in DP and information governance. EW, Braintree District Council

I wanted to thank you for the excellent GDPR training which I found both thorough and engaging. The material provided (particularly the bespoke version of the regulation itself - which has now become my bible!) was excellent. The examination was suitably challenging. And much of the substance of my project work has already been put to professional use in the real world.

A really informative session delivered by a specialist in this field who was able to answer all our questions! Some interesting points to take away.

I found all of the course useful! Superb day, really bought FOI together for me. DW, B'ham CC

A well presented training course with good literature. Easy to understand and good interaction. JE, St Josephs Hospice

I total enjoyed this course. My best formal DPA training!

Informative and experienced presenter providing sound practical advice. ARH, Lancaster City Council

The tutor is excellent, fluent, knowledgeable, patient and approachable. Paul already came highly recommended by colleagues and exceeded expectations. I'd like to thank Paul for his help, and am in the odd position where the quality of his tutoring was such that I am tentatively hopeful I won't need to see him again!

This was such an interesting course and a shame the day ended! LP, Essex County Council

Whole day was extremely informative. Information was well presented, clear and detailed. The speaked is very knowledgeable and explained everything very well indeed. KN, Sacred heart of Mary Girls School

The links to real life case helps to demonstrate it's a topis that is 'out there' - rather than just theory based. JB, Barnsley MBC

It was helpful that you could ask questions and share your own views. SC, DARD

Act Nows' GDPR training course was excellent. The trainer, Philip Jones, was knowledgeable and made the sessions interesting. Workplace examples and discussions within the group really helped to embed what we were learning.

Very good explanation of the law and good presentation engaging us in different ways. ETW, Royal College of Gynaecologists

Excellent comprehensive introduction to EIR, for all staff either new to EIR or looking to develop knowledge and skills. DP, Royal Academy of Music

Excellent content + speaker. A very useful course for any who deals with FOI @ work. MA, St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust

Volume of information and case stories. Excellent pace, well delivered by very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner. Got the level and detail i wanted. AB, Care Commission

The Data Protection A - Z training was well received by all the delegates attending. Tim Turner was excellent and has obviously a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the subject. The use of examples within the course, provided clarity and understanding on a sometimes complicated subject matter. Brilliant course we all enjoyed it.

Knowledge of speaker excellent in response to questions. RE, Camden Council

Very informative course - made the process seem manageable. GA, Essex University

Excellent practical course to ensure the right processes are in place in your organisation. RL, Wirral Borough Council

Best training course I have attended! The quality, service and venue was excellent. The trainer was also extremely knowledgeable.

All areas covered was and will be very useful in the future. SJ, Matthew Boulton School

Well presented, good use of variety of materials and methods. Well paced. AB, Care Commission

Tim Turner is ace! What a hugely knowledgeable and entertaining speaker he is, inviting the trainee to think and make up their own mind after reference to the regulations and decisions. A very well worthwhile hour, not to mention a brilliant way of doing it – this online training is superb. LK, South YorkshireJoint Secretariat

An interesting and engaging session which i will use to assist me in the workplace. EM, NHS Professionals

A thoroughly informative and interesting session. The trainer (steve morris) was knowledgeable and professional. SP, King's Lynn and West Norfolk BC

Excellent course for people new to this. Would recommend FOI course to be done prior to this. SS, Blackburn WDBC

It was a pleasure to have Ibrahim Hasan visit The Countryside Council for Wales to deliver a Public Interest Test training day. The session was aimed at the Chief Executive, Directors and the Access to Information Team. Ibrahim kept the day interesting with a good presentation and answers to all our questions. He delivered the information in an easy and understandable way, which was enjoyable to all. Ibrahim was friendly, approachable and the case studies he produced were excellent. CCW have gained a lot of knowledge from the day and would like to thank Ibrahim for his expertise.

Ibrahim's extensive knowledge and use of examples, in addition to the workbook, has made a subject I found daunting much more understandable and interesting. AB, Lewes District Council

This course has provided me with an excellent foundation and insight into the application of exemptions to FOI requests. Extremely useful course. HT, Gedling Borough Council

Excellent content, well presented and great advice. RM, NICCY

I found the training extremely useful and will use the tools going forward.

I found the opportunity to network + discuss real life scenarios and to ask questions about our issues most useful. I also found the link/info resources on the web useful. LF, Kirklees MC

Tim is absolutely fantastic; knowledgeable, informative. More than i expected. RO, Barts and the London NHS Trust

Excellent course, just what i needed for confidence in working with FOI. EP, Writtle College

Tim made a very dry subject entertaining. Thanks. MH, Kent County Council

The general overview and intro of the course was spot on - pitched at exactly the right level. AS, City of London Corporation

As I notice I have found this course great as a starter into Data Protection. It is a hevy subject but the 1 day course was interesting and very worth while.

Very informative. Training material was excellent and humerous. Enjoyable and useful. Thank you. RM, WHSCT

Very informative, gave me more confidence when handling requests. LG, Highland Council

Excellent as usual. SH, Cheltenham Borough Council

Very interesting, good use of examples - Sharon is very knowledgeable in her field! LM, Belfast CC

Phil Bradshaw is very knowledgeable on the subject of Data Protection. JB, Allen & Overy LLP

A very good introduction to FOI, i would recommend this training to colleagues within my department. JG, Walsall College

Tim was good at explaining exceptions + was happy to answer queries. Good knowledge. JM, Kent County Council

Excellent, relaxed and informative. Would recommend to others in my organisation. SS, London Borough of Hackney

This was an excellent overview. It was expertly delivered and there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions and apply the law to practical situations.

Succint and informative. Pitched at correct level for relative newcomers to this area. SS, Blacburn BC

I found the case studies very useful as it utilised the information learnt. DW, B'ham CC

The course was broken down into manageable chunks and gave useful, practical examples that illustrated the points. This course has given me not only the knowledge but also the confidence to improve at my job and make my organisation better too!

very informative in such a difficult subject. D.A- MID suffolk.

Overall excellent and very enjoyable. Would certainly recommend this course.

Excellent speaker. Made a potentially mundane topic interesting and engaged the delegates brilliantly! GC, London Travel Watch

Despite the UK's recent decision to leave the European Union, The speaker provided a cogent overview of the potential avenues that the UK may make in implementing this piece of legislation, which I found reassuring as a DP Professional. Highly recommended!

Very good response to queries. RM, University of Huddersfield

The course was succinct and helpful. Thank you. HS, Newman University

Excellent, well paced and highly informative. Thoroughly recommended. DB, Durham University

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and i was pleased that the course provided an overview of FOI and DPA, it was also useful that health service examples were used. JW, NHS HMR

Really well delivered course - informative and to the point! Excellent!

The tutor is excellent, fluent, knowledgeable, patient and approachable. Paul already came highly recommended by colleagues and exceeded expectations. I'd like to thank Paul for his help, and am in the odd position where the quality of his tutoring was such that I am tentatively hopeful I won't need to see him again!

Explanations made clear and precise, Jargon free and Law explained in laymans terms.

Pace and tone was excellent - a really informative and enjoyable day.

The course I attended was fantastic. It was very well presented and the content was very informative. I cannot recommend this course enough. I fell better equipped concerning current data protection issues and upcoming changes. In addition, I am better able to inform my senior management team on issues concerning our business. 5 star course and presenter. Thank you ever so much.

The speakers knowledge and understanding of FOI combined with his excellent presentation skills exceeded my expectations. IH, NHS Central Legal Office

Steve's police background provided an interesting insight into examples of legal/illegal surveillance. P.T- Broxtowe BC

I just wanted to say that I thought the training was has to be the best training session I have attended - the trainer brought the subject alive and made it really relevant and easy to understand.

I would definitely recommend this course, it gave me a really good insight into managing subject access requests.

Very knowledgeable speaker with loads of information. TR, Sir Thomas Boughey HS

The course met all my needs which was to obtain an up to date overview of acquisition of comms data. NJ, Police Ombudsman of NI

Speaker was excellent and knowledgeable. Relevant and upto date decision notices made it easier to understand the ICO's opinion about whether or not to release info. DE, East Sussex County Council

The entire team was left full of confidence on how to use the covent panels available to local authorities-A.F

All aspects (of the course) will help me in my current role. SH, DCAL

It did exactly what it said on the tin - and was led by an active FOI practitioner so very \'real world\'. JB, Cottingham High School

Tim's enthusiasm kept my attention levels up, even after lunch. His thorough knowledge of the EIR was a great help. DE, East Sussex County Council

The course was well presented by a professional in the field. IB, NI Civil Service

Relevant useful examples of FOI requests, well explained answers and reasons for these. FOI broken down and explained well bit by bit. Fully comprehendable. Tim made the FOI course as interesting as possible -  actually enjoyed a course for once! CB, DCAL

Very illuminative and informative session. VS, B'ham CC

Tim was very knowledgeable on the topic & included a lot of current examples, which kept the content relevant and up to date.

An excellent introduction to Data Protection, an interesting and entertaining speaker who managed to retain the audiences attention, even after lunch! ST, Alpha Flight Group

Made a complicated subject easier to understand. Philip was extremely knowledgeable on the subject. KH, Barnsley NHS

Explanations made clear and precise, Jargon free and Law explained in laymans terms. JJ, Compucat europe Ltd

The delivery of this course was of the highest standard, the knowledge imparted was extremely helpful and nothing was too much bother.

The speaker helped the delegates by making them aware of all issues that affect their day to day positions. IM, Severne Primary School

The course structure and content was brilliant. As someone relatively new to data protection, I felt the course achieved the right balance between text book and practical learning. Group discussions helped to focus on how, practically, GDRP will affect organisations. The facilitator was excellent, he had a very good knowledge and practical understanding of the new regulations. He was very approachable and made me feel at ease when answering my questions.

Very clear slides, incorporated into a very helpful booklet to take away from the session. The trainer was very knowledgeable and friendly and the hotel / lunch was fantastic. Looking forward to my future courses with Act Now

I found the detailed review of the exemptions and the use of examples throughout the course useful. The course was well structured and enthusiastically tutored. JL, RPA

An excellent presentation by a very knowledgeable and humerous speaker. HR, South lanarkshire Council

Course was excellent as it was pitched at just the right level, presented at the right speed and supported by clear & concise notes. KL, Liverpool CC, Audit

Act Now courses are always informative, forward looking and often ahead of the game.

Excellent course content - well delivered with humour and good use of case studies used as examples. Excellent speaker. MA, University of Cumbria

DP A-Z Guide is a great course for those who need a solid grounding in understanding data rpotection and how it impacts the organisation. Tims experience in the field and enthusiasm for the subject truly brings this area to life. DW, PSSNI

A helpful course to help understand in more depth s43 and s41. Some good challenging case studies which are really practical. LF, Kirklees Council

Excellent course, I had never attended related training and found this a great insight into GDPR and wider issues.

Very useful information delivered informatively and effectively. Thanks.

Excellent course pitched at correct level for beginners in this area. SS, Blackburn BC

The speaker was very engaging the knowledgeable. Presented what can be a very dry subject in an interesting way. CW, Tameside MBC

I had found it very useful that the trainer actually asked what we specifically wanted and confirmed our understanding on these points to make sure our demands were met. MS, Suffolk Trading Standards

The course was excellent and the pace spot on. All enhanced by Tim's excellent tutoring style! SW, Natural England

A lively + engaging trainer! EB, Kent County Council 

The material you receive in each pack is brilliant. Very informative and easy to follow, with templates and exercises to help you both prepare for the exam and your everyday work life.

Excellent Speaker with thorough understanding and passion to convey knowledge. SJ, Freebridge Community Housing

Course materials and associated explanations were useful. The course content usefully pitched for beginners but still covered all of the relevant detail. HW, City & County of Swansea

The course is very well designed. Ibrahim has a first class knowledge of FOI, the legal systems. I learnt alot from him. IB, DARDNI

A dry subject well presented. DI, IPCC

What i found useful was when we were going through various scenarios, speaking with colleagues and sharing experiences. MG, St Charles RC

Clear informative information delivered in a professional but friendly manner. JT, Northants County Council

I found the entire course useful. I have limited detailed knowledge of the subject and this has given me a good insight into my role. BD, South Tyneside Council

A very good introduction to the world of Data protection, it certainly helped to deal some of the fog surrainding the legistlation!

Excellent course. Tim was extremely knowledgeable and helped set out clearly what needs to be done to prepare for the GDPR.

It was a really excellent day. The speaker was very informative and it was interesting to hear the issues being faced by other participants. The venue was in an excellent location.

The speaker was engaging and approachable meaning all my questions were answered. EB, Kent County Council

I enjoyed every minute of this course.

Excellent course, well thought through and delivered.

Really useful course - so much information provided, i would certainly recommend it. CD, University of Exeter

A very useful, informative day with lots to think about. IN, NW Leicestershire DC

I use Act Now for all my teams training needs. They are competitively priced with excellent speakers providing everything i need to know in my specialist area. LP, Essex County Council

The speaker was enthusiastic and clearly an expert on FOI. NW, Acton College

The whole day was extremely "eye opening" and useful. Practical advice and clarification. Law side very interesting. Whole course very enjoyable.

Very informative, highly recommended for anyone who deals with investigations. CH, Adur and Worthing BC

Excellent course, well thought through and delivered. SI, Dep of Justice NI

Excellent - Eye opening revelation of internet publically available material. TF, Business Services Organisation

Excellent, Informative day. Thank you. CH, Runnymede BC

Excellent up to date information - well presented with clear and concise advice/information given. LC, Edge Hill University

Very engaging overview that was of real value, large amount of course material will be of value for future reference. ND, National Gallery

An excellent course, providing great overview with opportunity to explore specific issues in depth and supported by expert knowledge of speaker. DP, Royal Academy of Music

The course was great for someone who has only recently been introduced to GDPR as it provided a good overall picture of what is required by private businesses. Would recommend to anyone who is preparing for the regulation change in May 2018.

The speaker was very knowledgeable and had answers to all questions on the tip of his tongue. GE, Denbighshire CC

Just what we needed to understand the legal implications of CCTV. D.M-Broxtowe BC

Very good learning environment; a good teacher who combines interesting facts with stories and examples mixed with humour, comfortable classroom environment with plenty of refreshments and sugar to keep me alert as the session drew to an end, such a convenient location for a venue too!

Very informative and enjoyable. DS, Heckmondwike Grammar School

What is a dry subject was very interestingly delivered. VK, Childrens Services

Excellent comprehensive introduction to EIR, for all staff either new to EIR or looking to develop knowledge and skills. DP, Royal Academy of Music

The speakers experience allowed for him to provide many examples which broke down and explained what can often be quite complicated issues. EB, FSA

How to address the challenge of RM implementation within my organisation. Reassured that my vision of a sucessful project is in line with the Section 61 Code of Practice. Excellent practical solutions, knowledge increased and gained more confidence in my approach to a major task. KM, The State Hospital

Paul was engaging and provided a very thorough explanation of FOI, using real examples. Great course for people new to FOI. LP, NHS Kernow

Good way to get grip of your responsibilitiesfor compliance of FOI. FH, North West Fire Control

This course gave me a fantastic insight into GDPR and I feel very confident to lead my organisation forward. The lecturer was excellent and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

Great course. Speaker knowledgeable and friendly. MN, Keele University

The course content provided exactly what i needed, delivered at the perfect pace by a very knowledgeable speaker in a very interactive and enjoyable manner. AS, Fire Fire and Rescue

A very useful, helpful course! RG, East Lothian Council

Key information delivered expertly and concisely. MD Learning & Skills Council

The content clearly explained. CW, RMBC

Presenter's ability to respond to questions from delegates - very useful. IY, Lancashire CC

Speaker very informative, the course was delivered in a way it could be easily understood. KC, Mount Lourdes Grammar School

Very informative and useful course delivered in a light hearted and flexible manner. LF, Runnymede BC

Best informative training yet recieved. CB, Hamilton Infants School

I have learnt absolutely loads today. Thank you. JK, St Bernards Catholic High School

All aspects were good and the delivery of the subject (which had the potential to buy) was excellent by the speaker. JL, Norfolk Trading Standards

EXCELLENT COURSE - GREAT TEACHER. JQ, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

So much more info and guidance than expected. Very informative. K.C-BBC

The speaker was excellent, very informative and the manner in which she delivered was of the highest standard. JM, South Lanarkshire Council

All aspects of the course were informative and useful. KS, OFMDFM

Cannot praise Frank enough for his breadth of knowledge, application skills for real life issues and his humour! An extremely enjoyable and worthwhile course!

This course was excellent in all aspects - the material provided was voluminous and useful (including the Resource Lab) and the training delivered was fantastic. Would highly recommend!

Excellent course, very informative.

Up to date content and ability to respond to specific questions.

I expected it to be largely about licensing or benefits but was pleased to see it covered a wider agenda-J.H

This course was designed to be more learner friendly in the way it is examined. It shows your practical knowledge in the assessment along with your ability to use the legislation in your project. A worthwhile course for the modern day data protection officer.

Presenter was able to respond well to specific questions. AM, Beacon Hill School

Could not single out any aspect which i found least useful - All aspects were useful. AP, East Sussex Fire and Rescue

I would consider any relevant course from Act Now due to the quality of todays course. CT St Augustine's I & N School

A very well worthwhile hour, not to mention a brilliant way of doing it, this online training is superb.&LK, syjs

The SPoC Course was well paced, relevant and very well delivered. Could have been dull, but wasn't! JW, Hampshire CC

The speaker was very knowledgeable and had a wealth of practical examples. MF, Moray Council

The perfect way to keep your FOI knowledge up to date. DH, Electoral Commission

Make sure you are compliant and most importantly make sure you now know how to manage your systems. P.S- Local authority

Brilliant. DM, LB of Newham

The course was extremely useful and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge on GDPR. the lecturer was excellent.

Very good course if you are at the beginning of you DP journey. You will get very good starting overviews with useful examples. M.A- East sussex council.

Well run course. Information spot on and easy to understand. Measured pace throughout both days. Would recommend to others without hesitation. JE, Hampshire County Council

Paul was a great trainer. He made the course throughly enjoyable. I highly recommend this course. M.A-University secretary office.

Paul came to Cheltenham in June and achieved more in two hours than we had been able to in the previous five months; His presentation to a group of over 40 council managers and key staff was a vital step in generating a good level of awareness and understanding of the FOI Act. Thank you very much.

Tutor was very knowledgeable - Excellent. JG, GMPTE

Good overview, will take away a number of actions to implement in particular around training staff. KT, Procure Plus

Excellent course. What could have been a dry topic was transformed by excellent and engaging expert delivery and practical examples. Good length to get a good understanding of the whole area. I feel well-prepared to take GDPR compliance forward with my company.

If you need to use surveillance equipment, you need to understand the law. This course will teach you how to keep yourself and your organisation safe. JM, Glasgow Housing Association

Set at the right level. Addressed all questions asked. Course documentation is excellent. HJ, NHS Stoke on Trent

I found this course to be highly informative and interesting - it will definitely assist and support my job role and work with FOI processes and requests. SK, Charity Commission for NI

Really helpful was his response to my questions. DJ, Yeovil District Hospital

An excellent course with a practical application. LK, North Lincolnshire Council

Very good course for anyone starting out in FOI. EC, Wokingham Borough Council

There was enough detail to give an understating of the changes with the introduction of GDPR, but not so much that it was overwhelming. All in all - very good.

Really good [RIPA] course. Covered a lot of round in one day

The whole day was very well presented and useful. It was very informative and i learned alot. I was totally engaged throughout. PW, Eversley Primary School

Consider this course important to make all investigators aware of the information that can be captured on the internet. CN, NIEA

The pitch and pace of the course was excellent. It was tailor made for educational settings. Who would have thought that Data Protection could be so interesting, but Ibrahim did an excellent job of keeping everyone engaged.

Good refresher training. KF, Cheshire & W Chester TS

I learnt a lot to relay to the team. Brilliant as usual!

All aspects were very useful. Speaker made the subject easy to understand and follow. GL, Merseyside fire

Enjoyed the course more than i thought i would! Tim made a very complex subject understandable and enjoyable. Very useful and glad i attended. LF, Kirklees Council

Thank you Tim, you turned a complex subject in to 'digestible bites.' SB - Rural Payments Agency

I enjoyed every minute of this course.

Ibrahim is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker who enlivens his subject. SR, OFWAT

Speaker was good in terms of making you feel relaxed. Felt alert unlike in other courses i have attended. SH, Manchester Fire Service

What can be a fairly dry and dull subject was delivered in an engaging, interesting and easy to understand manner whilst covering the subject comprehensively.

Really useful course - so much information provided, i would certainly recommend it. CD, University of Exeter

Excellent, clear and interesting presentation. Lots of opportunity to take part and ask questions. You made a very complex piece of information/legislationinteresting and more easy to understand. MH, Newcastle Children's Services

Very informative and useful [RIPA] refresher.

Good Info. Well Structured. RC, Manchester CC

The website was informative and detailed as to what was available and how useful it could be to my organisation.

Very engaging and interactive speaker. The course was interesting and kept my attention for such a dry subject. The way the learning was detailed made it easy to apply it to your organisation and understand the different aspects of data protection, why it is important and how it was derived. Highly recommend this course.

I was very impressed with the speaker's knowledge on the subject and his presentation style that was relaxed but informative. Would definitely recommend to others!

All very relevant and useful. Thankyou. MG, Daventry DC

Comprehensive workshop which provide a good knowledge of the regulation.

Very informative course, providing a substantial amount of internet links which will certainly be of use in criminal investigations. DB, NIEA Environmental Crime Unit

Very useful and informative - Thank You. KH, West Berks Council

I found this course to be highly informative and interesting - it will definitely assist and support my job role and work with FOI processes and requests. SK, Charity Commission for NI

A very well organised and delivered course. The materials were particularly impressive and the materials on the Resource Lab were very useful. The tutor and administrative staff are very helpful and always willing to assist in any way possible with any problems encountered.

Clear, concise communication of speaker. NM, DCAL

Excellent, interesting and detailed course - Tim is a veritable fort of useful information - FANTASTIC!  AW, Scottish Government

Entertaining and informative course, delivered in a very supportive way. Really enjoyed it and learnt alot. Gave me some real confidence! LF, Kirklees MC

A great course provided by an excellent trainer.

What i found useful was listening to someone with an in depth knowledge (speaker) and other course members. JG, BDCT

Excellent training - very interesting and extremely helpful.

Very useful course - picked up lots of useful info. LS, Burton Hospitals NHS Trust

Informative, interesting and entertaining look at FOI. AP, St Helen Council

This was a useful course that gave a comprehensive view of the GDPR and focussed on the areas that will need to be addressed by organisations in a practical context.

I found this to be a very useful session. It was succinct and picked up all the pertinent points of the legislation. It was also delivered in a very engaging way so I never felt talked at. JV, Regenda Ltd

Covered all aspects of RIPA well. Powerpoint was useful for establishing the important points of the Act, the case studies were good to put this knowledge to use. All flowed together. CH, Nott CC

Ibrahim was very knowledgeable, concise and presented the course well. I feel confident in my duties and knowledge for when i become a SPoC. Excellent course!! SP, LB of Camden

I have attended numerous Act now courses down the years, on differing topics and with different trainers, and I have never been disappointed. Particularly please that the emphasis is not just on passing the exam, but rather on having wide-ranging discussions and ensuring a deeper understanding of the topic.

The course was excellent. I have learnt so much. Thank-You. RH, Worthing BC

The GDPR workshop provided a useful overview of the key features of the new legislation and focused on the areas which are likely to require particular attention to help ensure the transition into the new regulatory regime is less painful that it could have been.

Up to date content and ability to respond to specific questions. JS, Cheshire fire and rescue

An excellent speaker with a great knowledge of the subject. PW, GMFRS

A sparkling performance from Paul made what my colleagues all expected to be a dull and technical subject, a very interactive and interesting session that really got the message across. All of my colleagues commented afterwards on the quality and interesting insight provided.

I found all aspects useful and because it was so participative it will be easy to recall key points. DS, Flintshire CC

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