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GDPR Practitioner Certificate
Congratulations to all the successful candidates. It was worth all the slog, as I am sure you will find in your future careers. And it's good to know that there is another cohort of qualified professionals looking after our data in the increasingly competitive digital world. All organisations need to take data protection and data security seriously or risk losing their reputation - not to mention customers. The new EU data protection framework brings these issues into even sharper focus - which makes your expertise even more essential.
Christopher Graham, The immediate past Information Commissioner
Congratulations to all the successful candidates on the Act Now GDPR Certificate. As we near 25th May 2018, it is good to know that organisations are taking steps to ensure they have staff with the knowledge and skills to take up the GDPR implementation challenge.
Steve Wood, Head of International Strategy & Intelligence, Information Commissioner's Office

\"An excellent course. Very informative. The trainer was engaging and helped to make the subject very interesting. I know that my newfound knowledge will prove to be extremely useful in my work!\"HB, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

\"Great course thank you so much! Read the materials, make the most of the resource lab, enjoy it, ask your questions, read, research - and then do it some more!\"CC, RL360

\"This is the most enjoyable and interesting course that I have done in years as I actually learnt something. I purposefully left it to close to GDPR implementation date before doing the course so that the latest developments and updates from the EU and UK Parliament would be covered and this was a good move as Ibrahim imparted the latest position with regards to the DP Bill etc.\"AD, Yorkshire Ambulance Service

I attended the General Practitioner\'s Course in January 2018. For me it was a challenge as I\'m not in a data protection type role yet. Although it was already an interest of mine to get more involved and become the Data Protection Officer for my organisation the way the course was delivered in inspired me and my interest increased even more. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in working in data protection or who wants to be a DPO. CS, Trent & Dove Housing

\"Another educational course from Act Now who have proven to be able to provide consistently high quality training in this very specialised field. A great opportunity to learn all you need to know about GDPR.\"JW, Lancashire County Council

This is an excellent course. Very practical with an expert presenter who does his best to ensure you understand the content. FC, Jones Cassidy Brett Solicitors

Ibrahim great at making the law come to life and adapted it to different scenarios. He wasn\'t afraid of challenge or debate or how different people may interpret things in different ways. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and although some of the days I was mentally drained I would recommend it to anyone wanting more in depth information on how to comply with the new GDPR /DP legislation.LR, St Leger Homes of Doncaster

I highly recommend Act Now Training. The speaker presented a relatively heavy topic in a highly interesting manner. As someone who had previously read the Regulation multiple times, I guarantee that this course will still provide you with considerable added value. SS, Trident Trust Company (Malta) Limited

This course was excellent in all aspects - the material provided was voluminous and useful (including the Resource Lab) and the training delivered was fantastic. Would highly recommend! RC, West Lancashire Borough Council

A very well organised and delivered course. The materials were particularly impressive and the materials on the Resource Lab were very useful. The tutor and administrative staff are very helpful and always willing to assist in any way possible with any problems encountered.DM, Manchester City Council

Comprehensive workshop which provide a good knowledge of the regulation. AY, Trident Trust Company (Cyprus) Limited

The course consolidated and expanded my knowledge base around this subject and I feel better equipped to face the implications of the new Regulation; as Woody (Toy Story) might say if he was involved in data protection: to GDPR and beyond!MR, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

Act Nows\' GDPR training course was excellent. The trainer, Philip Jones, was knowledgeable and made the sessions interesting. Workplace examples and discussions within the group really helped to embed what we were learning.HM, Staffordshire County Council

As always, Act Now have delivered an excellent and informative course that will help me with the practical implementation of the GDPR.SD, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Very useful, insightful course that provided hands on practical tips on GDPR implementation within our business.AD, Danske Bank

A well thought out and presented course, with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion about practical points - taking the theory into real-work situations.LB, HM Land Registry

This was a great course to give me a better understanding of the impact GDPR will have on my organisation. Despite knowing what was coming, I found it difficult to write an action plan on what needed to be done to be compliant before this course. Within a week of attending the last session I had the plan in draft format ready for approval at the local Information Governance Committee. I now look at colleagues who are still struggling and think that could have been me if I hadn\'t done this course. It is a must if you want to be compliant.MN, NHS Lanarkshire

I half expected a course on data protection to be deadly dull, but not a bit of it! It succeeded not only in provoking lively discussions in the classroom but has also given me a good grasp of this complex subject matter. DM, Rushmoor Borough Council

Excellent course. What could have been a dry topic was transformed by excellent and engaging expert delivery and practical examples. Good length to get a good understanding of the whole area. I feel well-prepared to take GDPR compliance forward with my company. CT, Trident Trust Company Ltd

Probably the best presented course I have ever attended - a trainer who made everything so simple and connected and easy to follow. I actually enjoyed it and have taken away so many practical hints to take my organisation forwards to GDPR compliance. NB, Chichester District Council

This is a training programme, rather than just a course/presentation. The greater use I made of all the resources on offer the more I gained from the training. IE, Burnley Borough Council

Would recommend this course for any Data Protection professional needing to get up to speed with GDPR. It will give you the tools you need to take things forward in your organisation. CM, NHS Western Isles

I have attended numerous Act now courses down the years, on differing topics and with different trainers, and I have never been disappointed. Particularly please that the emphasis is not just on passing the exam, but rather on having wide-ranging discussions and ensuring a deeper understanding of the topic. TC, Department of Justice (NI)

Cannot praise Frank enough for his breadth of knowledge, application skills for real life issues and his humour! An extremely enjoyable and worthwhile course! SH, South Eastern Regional College

Vast, in depth course, compacted down to a worthwhile experience. DA, Ballyvesey Holdings Ltd

Act Now provides clear guidance in evolving areas, and its tutors remain on top of an ever-changing brief, providing an engaging and insightful environment PH, DVSA

Excellent course, I had never attended related training and found this a great insight into GDPR and wider issues. WM, Serco

Very comprehensive course, delivered with years of specific experience and knowledge, which makes Act Now training a cut above the rest - particularly as everyone jumps on the GDPR bandwagon! JP, Médecins Sans Frontières

The project allowed more time for reflection and consideration of how your new knowledge can be applied in practice and again has really helped me consolidate my knowledge. The course has really set me up with an excellent grounding to start our preparation. The course materials are great for this and I use my GDPR guide most days in my work. Overall a really useful grounding and an excellent preparation for what will be a challenging few months ahead. I can absolutely say I feel far more confident moving forward armed with what I learned over the five days. Thanks to all involved with the course at Act Now and I will certainly be booking further training in the future. The course was excellent and well presented. I found the speaker approachable and entertaining and he helped to make what could be a dry subject come to life.SH, Swansea University

Loved the course. It is hard, by nature, to make Data Protection an interesting subject however the Act Now GDPR Practitioner Course did just that. Would highly recommend. SE, Professional Data Management Services Ltd (Isle of Man)

This course gave me a fantastic insight into GDPR and I feel very confident to lead my organisation forward. The lecturer was excellent and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend. SD, Anthony Nolan

I found the course very informative and it provided me with the right level of information about GDPR. I would highly recommend Act Now and the GDPR Practitioner Course SE, PDMS Ltd

The delivery of this course was of the highest standard, the knowledge imparted was extremely helpful and nothing was too much bother. EQ, Hospice Isle of Man

This is the latest in a number of courses I\'ve done with ActNow and I would always recommend them as a training provider. As trainer Tim did a great job to balance getting us through the course curriculum and fostering a really discursive environment. It\'s a real \'practitioner\' course - we were able to look at many approaches to apply the law practically when we go back to the office after the course. KG, University of London

The course structure and content was brilliant. As someone relatively new to data protection, I felt the course achieved the right balance between text book and practical learning. Group discussions helped to focus on how, practically, GDRP will affect organisations. The facilitator was excellent, he had a very good knowledge and practical understanding of the new regulations. He was very approachable and made me feel at ease when answering my questions. SR, Darlington Borough Council

Excellent presenter with a practical approach RH, Sunderland City Council

This was a useful course that gave a comprehensive view of the GDPR and focussed on the areas that will need to be addressed by organisations in a practical context. KG, New Forest District Council

Great course, pitched at the right level. Frank\'s knowledge and experience of all matters DP related are matched only by his knowledge of all matters Monty Python related! Enjoyed the week and obtained an extremely valuable qualification (if I\'ve passed!) in the process. JT, National Assembly for Wales

This course is suited to both delegates with experience/awareness of Data Protection legislation and equally pitched at a level that can benefit those who are fairly new to the subject. NM, Cuckoo Hall Academies Trust

I wanted to thank you for the excellent GDPR training which I found both thorough and engaging. The material provided (particularly the bespoke version of the regulation itself - which has now become my bible!) was excellent. The examination was suitably challenging. And much of the substance of my project work has already been put to professional use in the real world. LG, Somerset County Council

The course was extremely useful and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge on GDPR. the lecturer was excellent. CJ, TrustFord

An excellent course - the trainer explained things very well, and at an appropriate pace, there were lots of practical and very relevant examples - it has really improved my understanding of GDPR!LG, Fife Council

The material you receive in each pack is brilliant. Very informative and easy to follow, with templates and exercises to help you both prepare for the exam and your everyday work life.HG, Salix Homes Limited

I enjoyed every minute of this course.CA, Nursing and Midwifery Council

Excellent course. Tim was extremely knowledgeable and helped set out clearly what needs to be done to prepare for the GDPR. ES, Together Trust

An excellent course, presented with flair, that explained the transition from DP Act to GDPR with emphasis on both the law and real world examples.PG, Somerset County Council

Actnow provide well run, well thought out courses. The tutors are knowledgeable and skilled in presenting the subject in an enjoyable and practical way, making it easy to understand and apply. I have been using Act Now training for 14 years and would recommend them every time.SH, Tewkesbury Borough Council

The 5-day Practitioner Certificate is a rare opportunity for information professionals to gain and share knowledge and expertise of current data protection work practice and consider how the new regulation will affect organisations across sectors. A valuable experience!RM, Cheltenham College

The course delivered through Act Now was not only educational but informative. The teaching skills were excellent, I felt at ease in the class and came away with a tremendous amount of knowledge that I can use in every day situations. Thank you.HB, Foseco International Limited

A really enjoyable and practical course. Informative in terms of learning and it also helped to put into context my own reading and work around GDPR. The course was delivered at a good pace. Questions and discussions raised by other delegates were interesting and informative too.SB, The Riverside Group Limited

I enjoyed every minute of this course. CA, Nursing & Midwifery Council

This course was designed to be more learner friendly in the way it is examined. It shows your practical knowledge in the assessment along with your ability to use the legislation in your project. A worthwhile course for the modern day data protection officer. DJ, Northumberland CC

The course was broken down into manageable chunks and gave useful, practical examples that illustrated the points. This course has given me not only the knowledge but also the confidence to improve at my job and make my organisation better too! DH, Cheshire West and Chester Council

A great course provided by an excellent trainer. JT, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

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